VALENTIN-MODE.COM accepts the following forms of payment: credit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery to the courier and PayPal payment.


Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners are accepted. At the time of purchase, Customers enter the details of their credit card in a protected electronic banking system, provided by Banca Sella.


Maximum purchase security is guaranteed. VALENTIN-MODE.COM however, it suggests to join the Verified By Visa or Mastercard Securecode services, requesting a PIN security code with which you can make your purchases safely. The Customer Service operators of VALENTIN-MODE.COM they are in no way authorized to request or accept credit card numbers and / or validity details of the same.


If the existing funds on the card are sufficient for the purchase and the bank details provided are valid, VALENTIN-MODE.COMwill immediately send confirmation of the charge: the customer will receive an email with a transaction confirmation code. VALENTIN-MODE.COM reserves the right to request new customers to ship the goods to the billing address of the same.


With this method, the customer can pay through his PayPal account. If you are already a PayPal customer, simply log in with your data and confirm the payment. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can open one and confirm the payment. In case of return of the goods, the amount will be credited to the account used for payment.


In this case VALENTIN-MODE.COM will send the customer a confirmation email with the details for the execution of the transfer. The Customer must send a copy of the payment by e-mail within 48 hours of the confirmation e-mail. You can send an email requesting a longer run time to VALENTIN-MODE.COM. Subsequently, you will receive our order confirmation. As soon as VALENTIN-MODE.COM will receive the amount due in your bank account, will ship the items. Self VALENTIN-MODE.COM will not receive the bank transfer confirmation within 48 hours or the payment to the bank account within 10 days the order will be canceled. It is also specified that, regardless of the payment method selected, the products ordered will remain the property of VALENTIN-MODE.COM until the complete collection of the relative amount.


The assortment on the site VALENTIN-MODE.COM reflects the exact real availability of each item, by size and color, since the website is connected to all the warehouses where the items are displayed and all availability data is updated in real time. VALENTIN-MODE.COM , upon receipt of the order request, reserves the right to confirm the availability of the items purchased, as well as to verify the validity of the transaction by credit card and the details of previous transactions made by the Customer on VALENTIN-MODE.COM. If the ordered items are not available, or for any other reason the order cannot be processed as requested by the customer, VALENTIN-MODE.COM will immediately send a communication to the Customer.


All orders shipped are accompanied by an invoice or receipt in Euro which shows the exact total amount of the purchase, as required by the rules governing international trade. For some countries the price of the items is shown in the corresponding currency. The amount actually charged to your credit card or bank account may vary due to exchange rate fluctuations or bank fees: for more details, Customers are advised to contact their banking institution.